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Real Currencies

(left: Michael Unterguggenberger, the man who ended the Great Depression in Wörgl)

The velocity of money is a badly neglected aspect of monetary theory. It is far more important than people realize and both in past and in the present depression, sluggish circulation played a major and negative role. The most obvious way of increasing the velocity of money is Silvio Gesell’s demurrage, a negative interest rate, in effect a tax on holding money. This is not just theory. There is a famous case in which it was implemented. The Wörgl experiment showed truly extraordinary results and is legendary in Interest-Free Economics.
It’s relevant today too, with the Danish Central Bank this week setting a negative interest rate for the first time in history.

Wörgl is a small town in the Austrian Tyrol that would be completely inconspicuous, were it not for an amazing event that transpired almost…

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