Open Source Ecology Beyond just Sustenance

Marcin’s recent videos talking to team Wikispeed have changed the way I think about OSE.

The main video I’m talking about is the one were they talk about the super-light and super-strong aluminium chassis for the wikispeed car.

The aluminium body reminded me of the modular design of Chinese prefabricated modular design skyscraper.

Imagine, producing the aluminium and steel yourself, OSE robotic arms producing the frames industrially or semi-industrially on-sight, robots and robot cranes automatically or semi-automatically putting everything together.

Add to this 3D printing concrete, and cheap 3D printing metals, integrated circuits, cheap internal sensors for everything (and the emergence of smart buildings). We’re at the crisp of a true revolution here.

Absolutely incredible. If something like this gets planned after the OSE construction set is completed, this will change the world completely.


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