Is open source not unlike a quantum field?

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I was just thinking about this. It just popped in my head. You have a field of possibilities, until you focus on one, then it goes from field, to object (quark). Where as proprietary models are based on “said” quark.

Proprietary people say, “I’ve got an idea.” And they try to keep it…own it. One entity ownership model.

Open Source people say, “We’ve got possibilities.” And we want to share those possibilities and make sure via license, that those possibilities are never owned by one, but by all…kept in everyone’s hands, and never restricted from being made better by any means, except where to infringe upon other licenses, usually proprietary ones comes into play.

So I postulate that Open Source is like being based on the field, and proprietary source being based on what comes out of the field…the possibilities, the quarks themselves. One is wave, the other is particle.

Source: Reddit

Originally reposted on my old blog.


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