Google Glasses and the Future of HUD-s

It’s not pie in the sky, it’s already pretty damn real as a prototype.

HUDs for phones or everyday communication devices is flat out ridiculous. However, I can very much imagine HUDs become standard for many industries were some sort of direct and very intensive interaction with a lot of data needs to happen. This might include:

  • Architecture – augmented reality, seeing structures in 3D were they still don’t exist
  • Engineering – manipulating and “sculpturing” and even running simulated augmented models in real-time. This might give a huge push to extreme manufacturing by lowering the cost of development tremendously
  • Medicinesee-through patients, overlay of medical data and health records
  • Militaryoverlay of sensory data, could be distracting though
  • Studying/learning environments – imagine all students and the teacher having one of these and being able to interact with spatially 3D augmented and controlled objects in the classroom. This might be perfect and a lot cheaper than full-blown holograms

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